What if I need to cancel or change a pick?

We get it, things happen. Simply log in to Fruit Connect and make necessary changes to your pick information.

If your pick has any pickers signed up, we highly encourage you to email them and let them what’s going. The system will send them a notice that there has been a change, but getting a personal email from you is so much better and helps build better relationships.

Details for Changing or Cancelling a Pick

  1. Log in to your account in Fruit Connect.

sign up to Fruit Connect

2. Click My Account at the top right.

click on my account

3. Find the pick you’d like to change under Picks You Are Hosting and click on it.

find pick and click on it

4. In the left column click on Edit to change information or click Cancel to delete it.

change or cancel a pick

5. Make whatever changes you need then hit Update at the bottom of the form.

make changes

6. If you hit Cancel, you’ll be prompted to confirm. Once you agree to cancel, the pick info is gone forever.

cancel forever

7. If there are attendees, be courteous and email them to let them know what’s happening. Their email addresses are listed towards the bottom, simply scroll down.

email users