How is the fruit shared?

We encourage sharing fruit three ways:
1/3 stays with the fruit owner
1/3 is split between all fruit pickers
1/3 is shared with a community group or someone who isn’t able to pick on their own

Fruit owners indicate if they wish to keep any of the fruit on the pick information.

fruit sharing on pick info

If this line does not appear in the fruit sharing section, the fruit is split between fruit pickers and community groups. A listing of community groups in Winnipeg that accept fruit can be accessed via a button on the app or here.

If the quality or quantity of the fruit makes it difficult to share with a third party (eg. 3 lbs of rhubarb or overripe crab apples), we encourage fruit pickers to find other opportunities or ways to share their bounty. It may be sharing rhubarb muffins with a senior, crab apple jelly at a community supper, volunteering at an event, or sharing more of another harvest.

We know the Fruit Share community values the sharing model and that users will do their best to share the bounty.