Can we use Fruit Connect in our community?

You bet.

We’re super proud of the Fruit Connect app and the fact that it has been developed and maintained by a leading web development company. Tactica Interactive knows app development and after working with us and other fruit rescuing groups for a couple of years, they know fruit rescuing!

You can work with Tactica to set up Fruit Connect as is in your community or you can ask them to tweak it to your customized specifications.

Yes, there are fees involved – but you won’t have to start from scratch and you will benefit from having someone who knows their stuff and will be there for ongoing maintenance. Did you know that computer systems keep changing!? Yeah, well, having someone there to keep a system like Fruit Connect current is HUGE!

If you’re interested in starting a fruit rescuing group or using Fruit Connect read How to Start a Fruit Rescuing Group and Using Fruit Connect in Your Community.

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