Can I bring my kids to a pick?

Yes you can. We love exposing kids to the fruit picking experience.  But be aware of certain challenges when bringing kids.

You are responsible for the safety of your kids and making sure they are respectful of other pickers and the homeowner’s property.


  • A pick may be 1-2 hours long.
  • Picking and lugging fruit are heavy work.
  • You never know the condition of the yard you’re entering – is it fenced? are there pets? are there flower beds? etc.
  • Ripening fruit often attracts wasps.
  • Good picking access around trees is often limited, especially if there are other pickers attending.
  • Ladders and picking tools are fascinating to kids and they often want to use this equipment.  Be mindful of other pickers so kids aren’t interfering with their ability to pick. And, if someone else brought a ladder or picking equipment, don’t let your kids climb their ladder.

A good bet is to touch base with the fruit owner and other pickers.