Flexible Picks

If you have been a Fruit Share member before, you may notice a key difference between how picks have been run in the past versus how it is on Fruit Connect. Fruit owners now have the ability to indicate whether or not the date and time of a pick is flexible. For example, pick dates can span over a week instead of being on one specific day and time. Here’s why we’ve implemented Flexible Picks with Fruit Connect.

In the past, Fruit Share would try to coordinate one pick so a small group of volunteers could pick together at the same time. It meant that fruit owners had to pinpoint a certain date and time for picks and volunteers would need to sign up for that specific time. This approach encouraged group picks and allowed pickers to get to meet others and work together. We found this especially useful for large, bountiful trees.

However, this approach did have its drawbacks. Fruit owners could only set one date and time, if no one was available for that specific time, the fruit often went unpicked or became too ripe by the time a second posting could be coordinated. Fruit owners repeatedly told us they simply want the fruit picked and would prefer more flexibility in when picks could happen.

We also know that due to the large volume of fruit available, many picks only had one or two pickers attend.
When planning Fruit Connect, we took all of this feedback into consideration and tried to create a system that would offer the greatest flexibility for fruit owners, encourage group picks, and ultimately get the most fruit harvested.
Fruit Connect gives fruit owners greater flexibility in setting harvest dates and times. If they prefer to have one set time to encourage several volunteer pickers to come at once, they can do so. Or they can select a Flexible Pick where they can set a general time frame. If they choose this option the fruit owner can have several pickers over several days or they can email all pickers who have shown an interest in their pick and try to coordinate one group pick.
A Flexible Pick doesn’t mean a collective pick can’t take place. We encourage everyone involved, pickers and fruit owner, to arrange a collective pick by emailing each other. Our hope is that this method will allow more fruit to be harvested, shared and enjoyed.