Spotlight on The Laurel Centre

The Laurel Centre provides individual and group counselling to women whose lives have been impacted by childhood sexual abuse.  We recognize addictions and other compulsive coping behaviours, as long term consequences of unresolved trauma.

Contact Info

Street Address: 104 Rosyln Road
Phone: (204) 783-5460

Donations Accepted
Fruit, other food items and non-food items.

Donation Logistics
When: Mondays and Tuesdays
Where: 104 Roslyn Road

Season Windup and Pie + Cider Pickup Day!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who ordered pie and cider from us. We sold almost 200 apple and pumpkin pies and lots of delicious John Boy Farms’ cider!

All of the orders must be picked up at our Annual Wind Up, this SATURDAY OCTOBER 5, 2013 between 2-4pm at 525 Beresford Avenue (Churhill Park United Church). You MUST pick up your order at this time (any pies/items NOT picked up will be donated to our favourite local organizations).

If you missed out this year, you’re still welcome to come to our Annual Wind Up! Poco-Razz farm has graciously donated over 100 pumpkins that we are going to be carving, we’ll have our big raffle draw for the Excalibur 9 tray food dehydrator, and you can purchase a slice of pie and cup of coffee to enjoy at the event.


Fruit Share needs booth volunteers

March 1 | Growing Local Conference, March 1st 7:30-11 or 11-3:30
we’ll pay for your (awesomely delicious and locally sourced) lunch if you can cover 1/2 day shift!

March 23 | Gardening Saturday from 9-4, CMU, we’ll pay the admission if you can cover 2+ hours at the booth.

All events are to promote the work of fruit share and find more volunteers to help out!

Fruit Share has promo flyers, brochures, info boards and cards for use at all events.

Please email us at to sign up to volunteer. Thank you!