2014 Season is ready to roll…

I LOVE Fruit Share.b & w apple

If you agree, read on.

Fruit Share has rescued and shared over 30,000 lbs of fruit in our first 4 years. Our strong start and ‘free’ programming were due to the generous financial support from The Winnipeg Foundation, Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance, United Way and Assiniboine Credit Union.

This funding won’t last forever. We know you agree Fruit Share should continue!


That’s why we need you to become a Fruit Share member for just $10. * **


Why become a member?

  • To register your fruit
  • To register as a volunteer picker
  • You value the work that Fruit Share does
  • You hate seeing delicious fruit going to waste
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Marlene Street Resource Centre

Marlene Street Resource Ctr

Contact Information

Street Address: 6-27 Marlene Street
Phone:(204) 253-8994

Website: www.marlenestreet.com

Marlene Street Resource Centre is a United Way Member Agency located at #6-27 Marlene Street in the neighbourhood of St. Vital. The Centre is committed to community outreach and development for the surrounding population living in the Marlene Street Manitoba Housing Development.

Donations Accepted

All food items and craft supplies

Donation Logistics


Mondays and Thursdays 10-3 pm

Front Door of Marlene Street Resource Centre, ring the bell if the door is closed/locked ask for Samantha or Angela

Special Notes

Any other special instructions our volunteers should know about? No

Safety Guidelines

Fruit Pickers

Remember – Fruit Share has not seen or inspected the site.


Do NOT climb the trees.

Do NOT climb on fences, garages, sheds or other objects on the fruit owners property (or their neighbours’).

Do NOT shake trees.

Do pick in light rain. Sing.

Do NOT pick when there is lightening or thunder.

Be cautious of slippery surfaces (i.e. ladders rungs, tree branches).

Do NOT pick if you feel unsafe for any reason!

Fruit Share does not provide ladders. Click here for further info on ladder safety.

Kids and Guests

You are responsible for your children’s safety while on site.

Check with the fruit owner if it their yard is appropriate for children.

Fruit Owner Safety Considerations

Safety Considerations for Fruit Owners

Have a look at your fruit tree or bush before registering it for volunteer pickers.

Be sure you are inviting volunteers to a space that seems appropriate and safe. Our pickers are volunteers from the community and not professional pickers or arborists.

Please consider:

  • Are there wasps or bees swarming near or in the bush/tree?
  • Are there weak or broken branches?
  • Are there any power lines intersecting the branches?
  • Are there a lot of uneven ground, rough surfaces?
  • Do you have a large or defensive dog?
  • Is there sufficient access at the base of the tree for either volunteers to gather to pick or for a ladder to reach the tree?
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