Build your own cider press!

Date: Sunday, October 3

Time: 3:00 – 5:00 pm

Place: Riverview Community Centre (90 Ashland Avenue) in South Osborne

The Event: Build-your-own-cider-press workshop!

Winnipeg cider

When we made apple cider in August this year, the response from volunteers was overwhelming – people were clamouring for their share of fresh, local apple cider! Because everyone was so eager to have a few jugs of cider, we thought it would be great if those who are especially enthusiastic could learn how to make their very own cider press to keep for themselves. It’s the perfect piece of equipment to have for next year’s harvest.

Facilitated by Fruit Share volunteer Darby Jones, this workshop will allow each participant to build their own cider press to take home. All materials will be provided. Check out Darby’s experience at building a cider press at this video: Cider Press in Action (there are three more videos in the left-hand sidebar on YouTube, under the name arbydar).

The cost for participating in this workshop is $100 per cider press, or $75 if you are willing to share your press with others and with Fruit Share on special occasions.

Please bring the exact amount in cash or cheque to the workshop.

Please RSVP by Monday, October 17 by emailing or dialing 272-8520 if you would like to register for the workshop.