Not sure whether your rhubarb is ready to be picked?

No need to worry, Fruit Share is here to offer some helpful tips of when to harvest this tasty treat!

The key to knowing when your rhubarb is ready to harvest is size.  Stalks should be about 7-15 inches (20-40 cm) long when they are ready to harvest.

PLEASE don’t wait for your rhubarb to turn “all red”.  Colour is not an indication of ripeness when it comes to rhubarb – it is just an indication of variety.  Just like there are green apples, red apples or green apples with a red blush or red apples with green stripes – there is red rhubarb, green rhubarb and combination rhubarb that has both green and red.  You wouldn’t wait for a green apple with red blushes to turn “all red” – so don’t wait for your green/red rhubarb variety to turn all red.  The most common rhubarb is the mottled green/red variety although at Fruit Share we’ve seen all colours.

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