Can I bring my friends/family to help out?

YES. Everyone who wants to pick fruit must register.  If you are a husband and wife team or you have a friend that wants to come help at the last minute – YES they can, but they must register before picking (our insurance company says so)!

Can I bring my kids?

YES, it’s up to you. Of course many kids would be a great help and enjoy the possibly 1-2 hour experience. However, remember picking and lugging fruit are heavy work. You might not be able to keep your (littlest) kids content… You never know what you’re walking into either – if the fruit owners have a dog(s) or if the fruit tree has attracted a slew of wasps. Just some things to consider.

Also, please be mindful of other volunteer pickers and they’re equipment. For example, if they brought a ladder, please don’t let your kids climb on their ladder.