Here’s another fun way to use Manitoba apples!

Good old fashioned bobbing for apples.

Of course if you’re not keen on the idea of several individuals dipping their mouth in the same water as others, you can modify this activity.  At home, I let my kids acutally bob for the apples.  At the South Osborne Sidewalk Festival a couple of weeks ago, Fruit Share opted for a modified version that did not involve submersing your head in water.

Option 1 – give the bobber chop sticks and see if they can balance the apple and get it out of the water

Option 2 – give the bobber one chop stick that is dull on both ends and get the participant to stab the apple and pull it out of the water

And, while you’re at it, start a relay race – apple on a spoon.  Place a big apple on a small spoon and run laps around the yard making sure the apple stays on the spoon the whole time.

Have fun!