Spotlight on Lighthouse Mission

Lighthouse Mission

Lighthouse Mission feeds between 200-300 homeless and at risk people daily. Their clients typically have no access to any other missions or agencies in the area because of severe addictions or Mental Illness

Donated fruit would be used to prepare meals and food hampers, and processed for future use.

Contact Information

Street Address

669 Main St




Donations Accepted


Rhubarb, Sour cherries (eg. nanking or evans cherries), Crab apples, Big eating/baking apples, Grapes, Berries (eg. strawberries or raspberries), Apricots or Plums

Other Food Items

Canned Fruit Preserves (eg. jam, jelly, sauce, juice, etc.), Frozen Fruit, Home baked products (eg. fruit crisp, pies, breads, etc.).  Other canned goods especially Tuna/Salmon/ Klik.

Where, When and How To Donate Backyard Fruit

You’re in the sharing spirit.  You have fresh fruits or veggies you’d like to donate.

There’s just one problem, you’re not sure where, when, how and to whom to donate your fruit.

Problem solved.  Here is a handy, dandy reference listing nine Winnipeg organizations that will accept fresh fruit and vegetable donations.  Included in this document are all the logistical details you’ll need to know right from where to park to which door to enter.

Sharing the Harvest: When, Where and How to Donate Fruit 

And, if you need help in getting to your chosen charity, check out this MapQuest map which shows all nine locations.

Winnipeg Fruit Donation Map