Grape Facts- How to harvest your grapes

We’ve got a few grape picks coming up this week, so for all you grape pickers out there, here are a few pointers to ensure a quick and satisfying harvest!

It is best to pick grapes on a warm, sunny day as the grapes will have the highest sugar content and will store better without any surface moisture.

To pick:

Hold a cluster of grapes in one hand and snip the whole cluster off the vine with sharp garden pruners or scissors. Breaking off the cluster is difficult and will damage the plant, so make sure you are being careful!

How will you use the grapes you pick?


Grape Facts- How to tell if your grapes are ripe

Having trouble determining when your grapes are ready to be picked? Consider these things when looking for the perfect time to harvest!

The ideal grape is sweet, plump, and firm with a deep, full colour. Grapes need a long, warm, sunny growing period to obtain their optimum taste and texture. For prairie grape growers that often means keeping one eye on the grapes and one eye on the forecast throughout September.

Once picked, grapes will not change in sweetness or colour so it’s important to harvest when they are at their peak. The colour of the fruit will turn before the sweetness has fully developed so tasting grapes is the best method to determine when to harvest the fruit. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to wait until the first frost to harvest your grapes.

Fruit Share’s First Grape Pick

Yay, grapes!

Here are some photos of our first grape pick.

One large grape vine climbing up the side of the garage - Ariel, Ruth and Bev

Beautiful bunches of Valiant grapes

My kids Melanie and Aidan helped too

Grapes are picked by the bunch


Hold the bunch in one hand and snip with sharp scissors or garden shears

We harvested about 20 lbs, we donated 1/3 to RAY

A bowl full of grapes

We’re testing out a few recipes with our grapes.  They’re much more tart than store bought grapes and they have seeds in them – but the kids don’t seem to mind.  They’re munching away on them – so I better come up with a plan soon!