Growing Local Conference 2013

We kicked off the month at Food Matters Manitoba’s Growing Local Conference.  We were eager to showcase our program, share some jam making information and recruit more volunteers. Take a look.

Fruitshare booth Growing Local 2013 with Laura
Laura volunteered at the booth and made amazing Bannock for our jam making presentation.
Getty with Arita Growing Local
Getty got to meet Arita, one of our new volunteer pickers.
Julie at Growing Local 2013 (1)
Julie volunteered at the display booth and answered a lot of questions.
Howard grow local 2013
Howard shared close to 300 lbs of pears with volunteer pickers last summer and here he’s being interviewed by U of W radio.
Katie strawberry jam glocal 2013
Katie showed how easy it is to make strawberry/rhubarb freezer jam.
Getty pectin test 2013
Getty demonstrated how to test homemade apple stock for pectin content.

If you missed out on the fun and want to catch up on some of what we discussed in the “Let’s Get Jammin'” Workshop, here are the handouts we shared.

Canning Safely & Gel Test
Includes Instructions for how to:

  • sterilize jars
  • process jars in a hot water bath
  • test for gel set

Pectin Chart Growing Local conference

Includes information on 7 different varieties of pectin including cost, ingredients, sweetener required, basic method, pros and cons

Thanks to Julie, Howard, Laura and Summer for being at the display table and to everyone who stopped by for a visit.