Just Eat It! Screening-a food waste film-just around the corner…

Have you noticed all of the conversation around food waste lately within our province? What do you know about food waste and how to make positive change within our community and in your own homes? Did you know a banana has to be a certain shape and size in order to actually make it to a grocery store? If it doesn’t measure up, it is tossed!

“Filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant dive into the issue of food waste from farm and retail, right to the back of their own fridge. In a deliciously entertaining challenge, they pledge to quit grocery shopping and survive only on discarded food.”

The benefits of fresh pressed apple cider



Why might you want fresh pressed apple cider? Well, we picked the apples, washed them, froze them for ultimate sweetness and then gave them to Cramptons to lovingly press and pasteurize for us. You will know the fruit is fresh and has been rescued by Fruit Share! It is pure, natural and local, with no sugar added. Beyond that, there are many nutritional benefits-potassium, vitamin c and iron! Stock up for winter!

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    Pie & Cider Fundraiser!

    Winnipeg fundraiser


    1. Pre-order* a bunch of freshly baked pies and pressed apple cider
    2. Get your friends and family to pre-order* more pies and cider (tell them in person or forward this email!)
    3. Come out to Churchill Park United Church on Saturday, Oct. 3 between 2 and 4 PM to pick up your goodies…
    *PRE-ORDERS ONLY. There will be NO pies/cider available for walk-up sales at Pick Up, Oct 3.


    The simplest and fastest! Order and pay ONLINE here.
    For the ol’ fashioned route, print the order form, fill it out, make a cheque out to MAHE, and mail it to Box 582, Station Main, Winnipeg, MB, R3C 2J3.