Fruit Share receives Assiniboine Credit Union Grant

We love teaching people all about fruit, how to take care of it, pick it, preserve it, cook with it and bake with it. In fact fruit promotion and education is right up there withour love ofeating, picking and sharing fruit!


That’s why we’re super excited to once again receive a grant from the Assiniboine Credit Union to help us facilitate workshops and events that will help us increase awareness of our local fruit and what to do with it.

Camille Metcalfe of PegCityJams has led many of our workshops over the last couple of years and will be at it again this season. Camille has a creative flair in the kitchen and gets groups making chai crab apple jelly, fruit ice cream, fruit soda syrups and amazing baked goodies.

Fruit Share receives CIRA Grant for Fruit Connection System

Over the last five years, we’ve been listening, observing and jotting down comments, suggestions and ideas for a moreeffective, efficient, affordable way to access and share surplus fruit. We combined these ideas with our own experiences and created a wish list that looked a little like this.

What if…

  • there were an easier way to connect fruit owners with fruit pickers?
  • there were a dynamic map showing all fruit available for picking?
  • fruit owners could have more control over posting their fruit?
  • fruit pickers could see what fruit was available for picking anytime, anywhere?
  • fruit owners and pickers could connect on their own as needed?
  • organizations who accept fruit donations could post their location and details on that same map?

Fruit Share becomes Program of Manitoba Association of Home Economists

Fruit Share is now a program of theManitoba Association for Home Economists(MAHE)!


WHAT?! Yup, that’s right, we are no longer a loose collection of volunteers rescuing and sharing fruit. We are Fruit Share, a fruit rescuing program of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists.


Since its beginning in 2010, Fruit Share has been managed by a remarkable team of volunteers who love rescuing and sharing fruit. Our passion for all things fruit drove us to grow Fruit Share. Along the way we’ve worked with and had great support from organizations like Sustainable South Osborne,CCEDNet, Food Matters and funders like the Winnipeg Foundation, Assiniboine Credit Union, the United Way and the Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance.