Since its beginning in 2010, Fruit Share has been managed by a remarkable team of volunteers who love rescuing and sharing fruit. Our passion for all things fruit drove us to grow Fruit Share.

Along the way we’ve worked with and had great support from organizations like Sustainable South Osborne,CCEDNet, Food Matters and funders like the Winnipeg Foundation, Assiniboine Credit Union, the United Way and the Manitoba Alternative Food Research Alliance.

Our piecemeal approach worked to get us to where we are today. We are a strong, vibrant group that together with our sister groups across Manitoba have rescued over 60,000lbs of fruit in just 5years. WOW!!In fact, we’ve had such remarkable growth that it’s become difficult for us fruit loving volunteers to manage all the administration and bookkeeping tasks associated with our organization. And so, after months of brainstorming, planning and talks with several organizations, we chose to become a program of the Manitoba Association of Home Economists. Read more about MAHE.