Don’t let that fruit go to waste!

When out for a walk, it’s surprising how often you see lawns littered with bruised fruit, patches of rhubarb that go unpicked and large currant bushes that have been neglected for years. It’s time to put an end to that! And you can help.

Winnipeg fruitSimply visit our Resources page, print off a few of our mailbox stuffers and pop them in the mailbox of the house that belongs to the forgotten fruit. There’s no reason for any fruit to have to go to waste. We want to rescue as much fruit as possible this summer, and the best way to do it is if we all pitch in and work together as a community at it.

Thanks for your efforts!

Fruit around Winnipeg

If you’re looking for fresh produce in Winnipeg or anywhere across Manitoba, this 2011 Local Produce Guide is for you!

Winnipeg farmers' markets

It includes farmers’ markets, pre-picked market stands, U-Pick vegetable gardens and community supported agriculture programs. It’s no Fruit Share 😉 but it is a fantastic document for finding the nearest fresh local produce to you.

The last page features a number of farmers’ markets specifically around Winnipeg, including contact information and a cute map locating each of them for quick and easy reference.

Do you have a favourite farmers’ market that you visit?

Rhubarb crumble recipe

This is a fantastic, nutritious way to use up all that rhubarb you harvested! It’s also a very simple and easy recipe to follow, and one which you can adapt according to what ingredients you have at your disposal. After a rhubarb harvest a few weeks ago, I chopped the rhubarb up into little pieces and then tossed it in the freezer. When I was ready to make a crumble, I took it out and didn’t even worry about defrosting it. The result of this concoction was a delicious, delicately-sweetened crumble that you can enjoy for breakfast or as dessert.

We recommend using local ingredients where possible.

Winnipeg rhubarb

Hot out of the oven.


Fruit Share on the radio

We were honoured to be invited to go on the CKUW radio show Wooden Spoons last week! You can listen to the show by visiting the CKUW website or by clicking here (go to the July 22 archive).

Winnipeg cooking school

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, and to Mary Jane and Wooden Spoons for having us on the show. We had a great time!

Winnipeg radio