Fruit Share Expansion

It’s time to share Fruit Share with the rest of Winnipeg!

We had a great first year – 14 volunteers, 30 homeowners, 6 community organizations and 1700lbs of fruit!  Way to go everyone!

In our first year, we also had tons of positive feedback and interest from individuals and organizations across Manitoba.  Everyone, it seems, would like a piece of the apple pie!

As a result, it’s time to think expansion.  What would a bigger, better Fruit Share look like?  How would a bigger, better Fruit Share be coordinated and funded?  Who would be interested in participating in a bigger, better Fruit Share?

These are the questions we’re interested in discussing at an upcoming Fruit Share Expansion meeting.

If you’re interested in participating in the discussion, please call 284-1234 or email with your email and contact information.  We’ll send you the exact date, time and agenda for the upcoming meeting (early December).